April 10, 2018


Are you stuck on where to begin? Can you see your dream job just beyond your grasp? With Byte by Byte Coaching, I offer a variety of options to help you build your interview skills, gain confidence, and succeed in your interviews.

Mock coding interview

Anti-Mock Interviews

Traditional mock interviews are a waste of time. They tell you where you're at, but don't help you get better in any meaningful way. With our "anti-mock interviews," you get all the benefits of a regular mock interview, plus the guidance you need to get meaningfully better.

Coding interview coaching


Do you have questions about what to expect in your interview? Maybe you've been working through a practice problem and need some help really understanding it. Byte by Byte Coaching is exactly what you need. Get access to an expert (me!) to get the help that you need.

Coding interview roadmap


Feeling overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? There's so much information out there that beginning your interview prep can be really daunting. With Roadmapping, we will sit down and create a detailed plan for you to follow so that you know exactly what to do to get your dream job.

Due to limited availability, coaching is offered by application only. If you're interested in working with me, apply here:

Clients have gotten offers at companies including:

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How does coaching work?

Not sure what to expect from coaching? Look no further.

Coaching is structured around a series of 30 minute or 1 hour calls. I've specifically designed these calls to be flexible and allow for us to focus on whatever is most important to you at the time. Everyone is struggling with something different, so I think a lot about how the sessions can be customized to the individual to make them as valuable as possible.

Some things that are included in every coaching package are:

  • Coaching Calls The core of us working together is coaching calls. These calls of either 30 minutes or 1 hour give us a chance to work on whatever is most pressing for you. Maybe that is doing an anti-mock interview. Maybe it's working through a problem that you're stuck on. If you're not sure what you want to focus on, I can help you identify topics to work on and suggest stuff for us to go over.
  • Dedicated Slack Channel Questions come up all the time. It's only natural. Rather than sitting on your question and trying to figure it out completely on your own, you will always have easy access to me via Slack and email. I guarantee a quick turnaround during business hours, so you never have to twiddle your thumbs waiting for a response.
  • Customized Feedback and Advice Having worked with countless students, I am acutely aware of common mistakes that people make, as well as the best ways to fix them. If necessary, I will provide exercises and detailed feedback to help you to make the improvements that you need.

Coaching is structured as monthly packages. These packages include a base number of coaching sessions, along with the option to purchase additional coaching sessions for the month. I don't offer individual coaching sessions, since I don't find them to be particularly valuable to people. Only existing students can buy additional sessions.

When thinking about how much coaching you are looking for, I recommend roughly 5 hours of studying on your own for every hour of coaching. Coaching gives you guidance, but it isn't helpful if you don't have the time to actually implement.

To learn more about my coaching packages, please submit your application here.

Coaching packages start at $900/mo.

Praise for Byte by Byte Coaching

Check out what past clients have said.

I would recommend coaching for anyone who is feeling intimidated by the interview process. I have learned that interviewing is not a reflection of talent in computer science or ability in the workplace – it is simply a hurdle we all have to get over. Coaching helped me succeed in interviews and get the internship I wanted, and I think it was definitely worth my time.
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Gray N.
The return on investment that I saw from working with Byte by Byte was pretty amazing. A month of consistent mock interviews paid for itself many times over with a great salary at an exciting company. If you're serious about getting good at interviews, this is the way to go!
Alex B.
Throughout the session, we practiced problems from a few different topics. I got a great feel for what authentic tech interviews would be like, and felt ready to tackle difficult coding problems at my interview.
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Ben C.
Sam is an excellent tutor with many practical tips for interview preparation. He is particularly good at selecting material for students or aspiring developers to study, and these can be tailor-made for the needs of the particular position that each candidate is applying for. I highly recommend his tutoring which is very reasonably priced.
Paul Epstein testimonial
Paul E.

I talk to so many people who sit on the fence. They go back and forth about whether they should get help or just keep doing what they're doing. These are the people who are forever disappointed. They wait forever and never commit. When you decide to commit, you can make big changes. This is how you get that dream job at Google.