April 9, 2015


Practice coding interviews over Skype

Hi I'm Sam! That's me over there > giving a mock coding interview.

Back when I was interviewing for jobs, I was terrified. I had no idea what to expect. I had spent lots of time studying, but I still felt woefully underprepared.

The problem was that I had never done an actual coding interview.

So how did I prepare? Well by doing interviews, of course. At the time, the ACM club at my school offered practice coding interviews. I was quick to jump at the opportunity.

I found practice coding interviews to be a game changer. No longer did I have to actually waste a valuable opportunity interviewing for a company just to get practice.


I know that not everyone has an opportunity to participate in an ACM club that offers free coding interview practice. There are sites out there like Pramp.com which offer free practice, but they can only get you so far.

I offer fully customized coaching to help you land your dream job.

Coaching may include:

  • Mock coding interviews
  • Resume review
  • Customized study guides
  • Other tutoring

Coaching Packages

After doing many coaching sessions, I've realized something important. Single mock interviews don't help you land your dream job. The key is consistent, recurring coaching so that you can improve your skills over time. For that reason, I no longer offer one-off mock interviews. If you are interested in working with me, I have several pricing plans available.

Lite Coaching Package – $900/mo

This package is ideal for people who have done some preparation on their own and are looking for some guidance and a small kick in the butt. This package includes up to 1 hour of coaching per week in addition to unlimited email access.

Standard Coaching Package – $1500/mo

This is a great package for those who need a little more help. If your interview is coming up sooner or you have more time to dedicate to interview prep, the Standard Package is the way to go. This package includes up to 2 hours of coaching per week in addition to unlimited email access.

Accelerated Coaching Package – $1000/wk

Do you have an interview coming up in the next few weeks? If so, this package is the right one for you. It includes up to 4 hours of coaching per week to get you where you need to be fast, in addition to unlimited email access.

Get a free consultation!

Still not sure whether coaching is right for you? Schedule a 15 minute consultation and we can discuss your particular needs.

Note: Consultations cost $25, but when you purchase a package, the $25 can be applied towards that cost.

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Have additional questions? Don't see a pricing plan that works for you?

Email me at [email protected].


Not sure if practice coding interviews are right for you? Check out what these satisfied clients have said:

alex-testimonial The return on investment that I saw from working with Byte by Byte was pretty amazing. A month of consistent mock interviews paid for itself many times over with a great salary at an exciting company. If you’re serious about getting good at interviews, this is the way to go!

– Alex B., Intern at Yext

Testimonial default I scheduled a number of mock interviews with Sam to practice problems on different programming topics. Mock interviews helped me become familiar with the phone screening process so when I had real interviews, I felt much more relaxed and confident. More importantly, after I got a job, Sam taught me how to negotiate my job offer and I ended up having a much better package.

– Barry K.

Testimonial default Throughout the session, we practiced problems from a few different topics. I got a great feel for what authentic tech interviews would be like, and felt ready to tackle difficult coding problems at my interview.

– Ben C., Intern at Microsoft

Paul Epstein testimonial Sam is an excellent tutor with many practical tips for interview preparation.  He is particularly good at selecting material for students or aspiring developers to study, and these can be tailor-made for the needs of the particular position that each candidate is applying for.  I highly recommend his tutoring which is very reasonably priced.

– Paul E.

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