Coding Interview Question: Balanced Binary Tree

Balanced Binary Tree: Coding Interview Question


Given a binary tree, write a function to determine whether the tree is balanced.


Balanced tree (all branches are same height +- 1):
Balanced Binary Tree graph
Balanced tree (all subtrees are balanced):
Balanced Binary Tree graph

Once you think that you’ve solved the problem, click below to see the solution.


As always, remember that practicing coding interview questions is as much about how you practice as the question itself. Make sure that you give the question a solid go before skipping to the solution. Ideally if you have time, write out the solution first by hand and then only type it into your computer to verify your work once you've verified it manually. To learn more about how to practice, check out this blog post.


How was that problem? You can check out the solution in the video below.

Here is the source code for the solution shown in the video:

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